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Hey everyone!
I’m moving over seas last minute and as much as I would love to keep my Juki, I can’t bring it with me. :cry:
This is a Juki ddl 8700, single needle, table and motor included. This item is usually sold for over $800 (with table).
I’m showing an image I took from google so you can have a general idea. The rest of the pictures show the actual machine. I just had to take it apart a few days ago to store it (Never thought I would have to sell it).
She runs smoothly and it’s very quiet.
All the parts are there (including all screws),except for the small lamp, which is very easy to get online for low cost. I was using a clip on lamp, it worked fine. Dress form included as bonus. Original price for all combined: aprox $950.00
Comes in Juki original box.

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Nadia Mori

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