1970s Backgammon Set Vuitton Style Monogram Canvas


Posted on Wed May 09 2018

Vintage 1970s logo monogram canvas portable backgammon set, inspired by the Vuitton and Dior bags of the period, but copied by Bloomingdale's (see the b?). Everyone was logo-ing home goods back then, especially with the of-the-moment logo canvas fabrics that the designer bags were made from, and Gucci had a spectacular leather backgammon set that I dream of owning. Who doesn't love a high end Bloomingdale's copy? It looks unused; all the pieces are there, including an envelope with printed rules for the game--nice touch. Felt and faux leather stitched interior, and gold hardware on the outside. It does double duty too: You can impress everyone in your subway car by looking like you are dashing to work with your snazzy attache case filled with important business papers and documents for your corner office job when you are actually headed to your nerdy backgammon club rally. Minor wear to the exterior but nothing glaring; the interior is spotless, and all 30 chips are there, plus the dice. Located in Bed-Stuy (home) or Williamsburg (studio). I am available many days and most evenings for pickup. I can deliver in Manhattan curbside for 10 dollars. I can also ship this item. Contact me for details. It weighs a little over 4 lbs packed up for shipment

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Chip Cordelli

Chip Cordelli

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