Basement Find - Vintage STEBER Barn / Yard Light


Posted on Mon Mar 19 2018

A True Basement Find!! Obtained during an auction at an old local hardware store that had originally opened in the early 1950's. Their basement was FULL of all kinds of old stock. This is a Vintage STEBER Model YEU-14 Yardlight. A completely unmolested Barn Light with all the original hardware and even the assembly instructions! There are a few small scratches on the inside of the canopy (hard to see in the photos) and a couple little dings on the wall bracket, The small parts were in a paper bag while the socket was in a paper wrapping. All this was in a cardboard box with no other real protection for the canopy so the pipe section was halfway in the bag so with jostling over time, a few dings were bound to occur. There may be a little unevenness in the canopy but no dents or bends. It looks more like just the natural variations in the original stamping die. I do have the original box as well though it is a bit rough. It has most of the original label on one end and the STEBER logo on one side. I can include the box or not as requested. I can provide photos if requested. I loosely assembled it to show what the final appearance will be but took it back apart so it is in the same condition I found it in. The canopy is 15" in diameter and about 3-1/2" deep. It is white on the bottom while the top is a silver / grey. All the other components are also a silver grey. The bulb socket is pre-assembled to the neck. The neck and wall flange are cast aluminum. There are two insulators epoxied into the wall flange for the wiring. I noted this as a 1950's item though I was unable to find any information online for this specific model so I cannot guarantee that time frame but I do believe it is circa 1950's or 1960's. Not sure what else I can say about this light as the photos speak for what it is. Will package with plenty of protection when shipping. This light will be available for local purchase at Main Street Antiques & Design Gallery, Booth B8, located at 500 South Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115. Note that I also have this light displayed in my local shop and though unlikely, there is a possibility that a local sale could coincide with a purchase here. If that does occur, I will certainly provide a full 100% refund right away. Being a 100% vintage product, this item is not covered by the Industrial Domestics Warranty. Once assembled, the light is not returnable.

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