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0.9" W x 33.1" H x 23.4" L




Wood, Wool & Cotton

Joy Ezeka
My is Joy and I am a Surface Pattern and Textile Designer based in Cape Town South Africa!


N U R A ... that’s his name. My first boyfriend. I can’t remember his face. Weirdly though for a while even after many years, I would catch a whiff of his fragrance even when no one was around. ‘Twas 28 years ago, in junior high school. Didn’t last up to a month. You see, he was Muslim, and my CRK(Christian Religious Knowledge) teacher snitched on me to my parents and I had to end it. Saying yes to be his girlfriend was my first rebellious act as a teenager. I don’t remember if I was crushed by it ending because not too long after that, he dropped out of school to join his fathers business and we also moved to another city. For a long time after we moved, at odd times or places, I’ll catch a whiff of his fragrance and I would look sharply around me, frantically scanning the faces in the crowd looking for him... the fact that that happened so often used to weird me out... Now thinking about it I hope it didn’t mean that he died or something like that and was haunting me 😐 NURA Yusuf... still remember his name but sadly I’ve forgotten what he looks like. Artwork - NURA Size - A1 Size Medium - Print on Canvas (stretched and ready to hang) Turban print: Namaqua field/flower (from the Out of Africa pattern design collection)

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