Street Corner Reflections Fantasy Photo Collage


Posted on Mon May 14 2018

"In my collection of fine art prints titled "Intersections," I act as an urban archaeologist to highlight the beauty of an "invisible" world around us, that's rarely ever seen. I start by taking photographs of random street elements from the city landscape, such as: Peeling paint, textured and patina'd metal, sections of distressed street art and graffiti, layers of torn/peeling fashion and advertising on buildings, and old signage, etc. I find beauty in the remains of these abstract and aging elements. I then collage these photos of the modern world with vintage images from the 40's and 50's, and a brand new story is told. My mission - to show the world to itself" Sizes: 18 x 24 for $295 (not including framing/ shipping) 24 x 36 for $425 (not including framing/ shipping) All on fine art paper, signed, limited editions.

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Meg Miller

Meg Miller

Meg Miller is an award winning artist & interior designer from Denver, CO. She creates mixed media art from urban elements infused with vintage finds