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One of a kind pair of chairs w authentic mudcloth





17" W x 32" H x 15" L


Mid Century Modern


Wood, Wool & Cotton


This is a one of a kind pair of chairs made of authentic mud cloth (made in Mali by hand). Mud cloth is a centuries-old, textile art that originated in West Africa with the women of Mali’s Bamana culture. Known locally as Bògòlanfini, authentic mud cloth is first woven, then a design is painted on by hand using natural ingredients. Each piece is unique and different. This cloth is then dipped into specially prepared dyes made with mud, left to dry and then often dipped again. The process may take several weeks from start to finish. The patterns in the authentic creations often have names and meanings that are rich in history. You won't be able to find this particular chair design anywhere else. Price is per chair. Click on my profile to check out my other items for sale!

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