PS 2012 bamboo drop leaf table


Posted on Wed May 16 2018

Great table in great condition.. minor scuffs on leg pictured Length: 41 3/8 " (106 cm) Min. length: 29 1/8 " (74 cm) Max. length: 54 3/8 " (138 cm) Width: 31 1/2 " (80 cm) Height: 29 1/8 " (74 cm) Key features Table top made of bamboo, a strong and flexible material. Small dimensions make the table easy to furnish with, even when space is limited. "Functional furniture in hardwood, like teak, was modern in the 1950s. I wanted to find a design that was related to the style of the '50s, but use materials that are much better for the environment. Bamboo is a material that grows quickly, and when it's layer-glued it becomes extremely hard and durable. Plus, it resembles teak. IKEA PS 2012 dining table is a table that flirts with '50s design, but is produced with concern for the future."

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