Banana Leaves, Wallpaper, Adhesive Fabric


Posted on Mon Apr 30 2018

<H2><STRONG>Banana Leaves, Wallpaper, Adhesive Fabric</STRONG><H2> <BR> Our wallpapers are designed to allow you to make the perfect wall art on any room of your home or office, unlike traditional wallpaper you will not need to apply adhesive or paste. Simply apply it to the wall and you’re done, the perfect wall art! Peel and stick wallpaper is also just as easy to take off as it is to put on. They are amazing for a perfect interior decor for home, office and also apartments, dorm rooms, temporary decoration such as for parties and even furniture decor. Our peel and stick wallpapers will transform any room of your home or office, quick and mess free. <H3><STRONG>SEAMLESS ADHESIVE FABRIC SHEET SIZES:</STRONG></H3> <BR> 1 sheet with 130 wide x 275 cm tall | 51.18 wide x 108.26 inches tall <B>- 170.50 USD</B> 1 sheet with 130 wide x 130 cm tall | 51.18 wide x 51.18 inches tall <B>- 78.18 USD</B> <H3><STRONG>MATERIAL SPECS:</STRONG></H3> <BR> Material durable and matte, reusable and self-adhesive - easy to install. Sticks to any flat surface. It is resistant to tearing and creasing. You can easily peel it off and move to another location or store it on the protective paper to use it anytime. Does not leave any traces after peeling off the wall; maintains adherence for many years. It's the perfect choice for people who either frequently redecorate the home, live in a rented apartment or who are looking for seasonal decoration. The first and most obvious advantage of using self-adhesive wallpaper is self-explanatory: It sticks on its own! Unlike traditional wallpaper, there is no need to apply an adhesive or paste to get it to stick to the wall. • Easy on and easy off! Peel and Stick Wall Covering • Features a smooth texture and matte finish • Adhesive backed with paper Liner • Does not required paste • Printed with 20 year indoor fade resistant ink • Application tool and EASY Step-by-step detailed instructions included! • Wallpaper is very slightly translucent. • We use commercial grade high quality adhesive backed fabric wallpaper. • Our peel and stick fabric wallpaper can be used on slightly textured walls. (just as long as the texture is not too deep or not grainy/sandy) • We can do custom design requests. If you have an idea of a custom design, contact us! <H3><STRONG>COLORS:</STRONG></H3> <BR> Colors may vary slightly due to individual monitor settings. Copyright

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