Make It Big, Office Decor, Office Wall Art


Posted on Thu Apr 26 2018

<H2><STRONG>Make It Big, Office Decor, Office Wall Art</STRONG><H2> <BR> Apply this Make It Big wall decal in any flat surface (walls, windows, doors, furniture). If you are the kind of person that are looking for a piece of art in your office walls this is the perfect choice. <H3><STRONG>PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:</STRONG></H3> <BR> XL: 156.1 x 47.24 inches | 396.5 x 120 cm <B>- 198 USD</B> L: 98.42 x 29.52 inches | 250 x 75 cm <B>- 158 USD</B> <H3><STRONG>MATERIAL SPECS:</STRONG></H3> <BR> Adhesive Vinyl, in the color you choose. <H3><STRONG>COLORS:</STRONG></H3> <BR> Choose your Color in our Color Chart - 3rd Image This product is die-cut digitally in colour vinyl to keep the color of your wall as sticker base. <B>Note:</B> Colors may vary slightly due to individual monitor settings. <B>Important:</B> White for non white surfaces <H3><STRONG>INCLUDED:</STRONG></H3> <BR> - Your great new wall decal - Instructions - Squeegee Copyright

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