vintage Dietzgen cast iron drafting table


Posted on Tue May 29 2018

for sale is all-original vintage industrial drafting table by legendary Eugene Dietzgen Co. the design is a classic of the early 20th century, featuring cast iron arched legs with “Dietzgen” on them — that’s back when they still used to go to the trouble of stamping out “Dietzgen” on the arched legs. we have another restored Dietzgen for sale from when they started to optimize the production. solid oak base holds a massive pine drawing board with dovetailed edges. adjustable height and tilt. faucet-style handles stood the test of time. this drafting table comes with goodies: a vintage storage box and a swivel-mount pencil holder. our favorite part? The table was originally made in Chicago, where we are now. can’t be sure if it came from the original building at 218 east 23rd street, Chicago, or at the corner of Fullerton avenue and Sheffield, currently a part of DePaul University. we salvaged this drafting table from Peru, IN. the owner purchased it at the auction in the late 1980s from the old Peru City Hall. every bit was restored: cast iron stripped of paint and impurities, hand-sanded oak base covered with teak oil (that’s a food-grade safe treatment), and the top sanded, teak oiled and buffed to shine — looks poly-like, but retains real wood feel to the touch. drawing board is a work surface void of intimidating space, measuring at 4 by 3 feet. The height with the top parallel to the ground goes from 33 to almost 42.5 inches.

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