Lawyer / Barrister Bookcases,Globe Wernicke,Macey


Posted on Tue May 29 2018

If your searching for that special Antique Lawyer bookcase,We may have the right one. I specialize in finding & restoring the uncommon Lawyer bookcase....Prices start at $450 I have over 50 complete bookcases all different types & styles dating from about 1895 to 1920 .I sell a lot of when I can find them are Matching pairs. (sets) 3 to 6 stacks tall ....I try to find bookcases that have something special about them with extras ( leaded glass , beveled glass , drawer in the base, narrow units,double wides,step-backs, matched pairs, "E" stacks, desk units,5 & 6 stacks ,ETC. ) .mostly oak but a few Mahogany. I do take trade-ins I restore from many different manufactures. (Globe Wernicke,Macey,Gunn & others). click on My website located to the right under my name

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I'm a collector of all old things.We do not have anything new in our home !!!