vintage drafting table by Keuffel and Esser


Posted on Fri May 25 2018

for sale is a vintage drafting table by Keuffel and Esser. Keuffel and Esser tables are exciting: they are rare to come by, and remain an integral part of American history. the company was founded in 1867 by German immigrants, and was the first American company to specialize in drafting instruments and supplies. yes, you got it right. the first. the company survived WWII. It was at the frontier of industrial revolution. it was at the roots of the innovative thinking on making workspace flexible, ergonomic and allowing to accommodate for higher demands of growing industrialization. drafting table features a sturdy cast iron base. it’s amazingly scalable, going from the lowest 36 1/2 inches to the impressive 48 inches in height, all with the turn of a wheel. table still has original top and footrest, an impressive feat for a table that's a century old! we sold a younger version of this table - you can tell this one is older because the Keuffel & Esser maker's mark is stamped out right into the cast iron. this was back before they started attaching labels to identify the maker. table has been completely restored. wood top and footrest was scraped, sanded and covered in several layers of teak oil. top buffed smooth, making it food-grade type of safe. all cast iron was stripped of old paint. top measures 53 by 33 inches. would make a perfect work or kitchen table. an amazing conversation starter for any loft / industrial space.

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