Copper Kitchen Wine Rack Shelves


Posted on Fri May 25 2018

The Hemingway copper shelves are the perfect way to display your drink of choice or your mini-herb garden or both! These shelves are made of genuine copper and birch, and has been coated to prevent spill damage. Available in lengths of 16, 24, 36, and 42 inches. *Flower pots are available on the 36" model only. Width of each shelf is approximately 6.5 inches. Distance Between Shelves: 12 inches (30cm) Distance From Counter to First Shelf: 12 inches (30cm) Material of Flower Pot: Plastic Default Engraving: "Whiskey cures what insurance doesn't cover." Drywall Screws Included? Yes Tools Needed for Installation: Electric drill, Hole drilling bits, Philips head Screwdriver Time Needed for Installation: Approximately 2 hours for novice For a limited time, get your favorite quote or phrase laser engraved onto the bottom shelf for FREE! Normally these shelves are available on our website and shipped across the US, but you can save money by picking it up or having it delivered by the person who made it, right here in Chicago. For an additional fee of $75, I will also install them for you. This is made to order and will take approximately 4-5 business days for processing. 16 inch model is $160.00 24 inch model is $190.00 36 inch model is $215.00 36 inch model with one flower planter is $235.00 42 inch model is $290.00 *prices exclude local delivery Please feel free to contact me if you've any questions. Thank you for buying local.

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