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Driftwood Log Bed frame - Queen size


Posted on Mon Apr 23 2018

Beautiful hand crafted queen size driftwood log frame, early 1990's. This unique, rustic piece will make a perfect addition to a boutique hotel, a bed & breakfast, or an impressive addition to any bedroom. The bed was used until the late 2000's and stored. Last year, the bed was removed from storage and refurbished. Each piece of the frame was sanded at a local shop, then each piece was fine sanded by hand. The wood was then conditioned, stained, and sealed. The bed frame was reinforced, new holes were drilled for the crossbars (headboard to baseboard), and new bolting was installed. Additionally, a steel bed frame was purchased and modified to drop in to the existing log frame Bed is priced based on the quality of the item, the uniqueness of the item, and the current market prices for driftwood furniture. History: The bed was purchased in Vancouver, B.C. at a store with items made from local driftwood. The original owner also had an accompanying chair, but kept it for his collection. The two pieces were always referred to as “driftwood furniture” rather than “log furniture”. Dimensions- 70"w 92" long Video: This bed can be constructed 2 ways: o With the existing and original 3 log crossbars as the base o With the new steel bedframe dropped in.  Note: with the steel frame dropped in, the long crossbar on the right side (if lying on the bed facing up) will need to be rotated, meaning the holes for the crossbars are visible. Assembly instructions and photos included. Happy to answer any questions. Condition: This bed has been slightly re-engineered to fit together better, and to be more stable than it was when it was used for years in the past. Keep in mind that this bed is a unique piece of furniture, one of a kind, hand crafted from driftwood pieces that were found and fabricated to form the bed. Because of this, it does not fit together like a mass produced or factory produced piece of furniture. This bed was used without issue for several years. Once you have the bed together in its permanent location, you may want to employ a craftsman or handyman to install additional bracketing for reinforcement, or you can use it as is. SHIPPING: Packing & Shipping cost is variable depending on distance. My freight shipper will pack each piece safely and securely, and the entire bed will be secured to a pallet. o Packing: $170 o Shipping: Bed ships from Ventura, CA.  You are welcome to send your own freight hauler to pick up the pallet.  If you would like me to include shipping, the cost will be approx $300 - $900 depending on distance. I will not pad the shipping cost, what it costs me is what it will cost you. I was told that the $900 would be to ship to Boston, the $300 would be to Colorado. *Please note these are numbers for estimate reference and not actual shipping charges. Precise shipping can be given once address is provided.*

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Eric Knight

Eric Knight

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