vintage hamilton drafting table, blueprint drawers


Posted on Tue May 29 2018

for sale is an iconic restored vintage drafting table by Hamilton mfg Co. this model is the largest top they made. attached are 2 stacks of a total of 8 drawers: top with two utensil drawers, one blue print; bottom with five blue print drawers. how iconic? very. here is straight from their website: “How the Drafting Furniture came to be a successful part of the Hamilton story is really a parallel to the story of 20th Century America. At the turn of the century the drafting industry was almost nonexistent. The engineering drawing that accompanied an order to the shop was probably the original drawing, done by a draftsperson, on an old board, set up on sawbucks. World War I came along and items had to be produced in a hurry. Mass production became a reality and tracing paper had to be used for the original drawing so that prints could be made and distributed to many men in the shop so many articles of the same kind or for the same end product could be produced at once. Because of the time and effort put into the original, the Drawings Storage Cabinetry was a natural addition to the company. From Fully Adjustable Tables to Filing Systems, Hamilton products were always in the forefront." this particular model was introduced at the turn of the century, and ran strong. we found a couple of ads: 1 — of one of the first ones, and 2 — of what could be referred to as a grandchild of our table, keep looking through the pictures. we picked up this table in New Jersey and hauled it back to Chicago to get it fully restored. each piece of the 4-post oak base was hand-scraped and sanded, then covered in several layers of teak oil. solid maple wood top was stripped, scraped and sanded before being covered in several layers of teak oiled and buffed, making it food-grade kind of safe. all hardware is original Hamilton. table stands 37 inches tall. top is 72 × 37½. perfect table for artist and craftsmen. abundance of workspace and storage can accommodate your whole craft, hobby, or a beginning of your own marketplace store.

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