Danish Mid Century Modern Teak Dresser - Kresten


Posted on Mon May 28 2018

See more: www.lanobadesign.com Producer: Danish Furniture Makers Model: Teak Dresser Time Period: 1950´s Dimensions: 40" High x 32" Width/Length x 16" Deep Material: teak About the design: Great piece of design. The handles makes this dresser special and a one of a kind. Lovely wood color and grain. Our Story: One day at the grocery store, by the check out, I was talking with my friend about the furniture hunt around the country, when an older woman behind me started talking. Excuse me, don't what to eavesdrop, but I have a dresser I would like to sell. Maybe something for you? At her house we found this and some other pieces. She told me she got it from her mother and it had always been in her home growing up. Finding place: Fredericia -Denmark.

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Lanoba Design

Lanoba Design

Our pieces are collected in Denmark and brought to the US. They are not copies or “inspired by” pieces but genuine Danish MCM crafted furniture.