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Mid Century Credenza





18.5" W x 30.5" H x 62" L

150 lbs


Mid Century Modern




This wonderful example of mid century furniture was designed by Merton Gershun for American of Martinsville. It's in excellent condition. The top, sides and front have all been sanded down and refinished. The luster in antique walnut cannot be replicated today. Have a look for yourself. New walnut does not have these gold undertones. That comes from being exposed to the elements for the past 70 years. The asymmetrical front allows for flexibility in its use. Its just as suited for a living room as it would be for a bedroom. I love the veneer work on this piece. It adds so much depth what is essentially a box with legs. Dimensions: 62" long 18.5" deep 30.5" tall follow me at https://www.instagram.com/dwell_versed/ Curbside delivery to Chicagoland area for 50 bucks. 100 For full service. ____ to ship beyond that. SHIPPING WILL TAKE BETWEEN 1 TO 3 WEEKS. I use private shippers with affordable rates. Delivery times are determined by where they are at in their drop off cycles. If you need an item immediately, I’m happy to meet up with a shipper provide by you. minor cosmetic imperfections that reflect age and decades of use. If a flaw is large and unsightly or compromises the structural integrity, it is repaired. Otherwise, small signs of age and imperfection are left intact; please determine whether aged furniture is right for you.

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