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Sorry, this item is no longer available.
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Room & Board Jackson Sofa - Bison Hide - 84"

$300 or Best Offer




33" W x 27" H x 84" L




Metal, Leather & Suede


This is a Room & Board brand sofa from 2008. The model is the much sought-after Jackson sofa, and it is upholstered in gorgeous black bison hide. It was made in the USA - in Texas(!) - and has chrome legs. The leather is in very good condition - there are absolutely no rips in the upholstery and no problems with the leather. When cleaned, this bison leather is buttery sofa, yet thick and hardy. (You could also buy this sofa if you're looking for a large amount of bison hide in good condition and repurpose it!) The sofa needs a little work: 1) the back cushions zip onto the body of the sofa. One of the zippers is there, but the pull mechanism needs to be replaced. The other is torn at the seam (see photo) and needs to be resewn. The leather is not damaged, as this tear is at the seam. The third zipper is fine. All three of these cushions should be refilled for maximum comfort. 2) The sofa should be detailed clean and then the leather should be cleaned and conditioned - you can do this easily with a leather cleaner kit and a vacuum. Otherwise, this sofa is a great bargain! With a little TLC, this will be a stunning sofa that looks brand new! Bison hide Room & Board sofas retail for several thousand dollars new. $300 or best offer. I'm in Denton, Texas and you will need to pick it up. Thank you so much!

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