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Renaissance Old Master oil painting 1620-1670 AD





36.7" W x 46" H x 2" L

15 lbs






Renaissance period Labelled “Raising of Lazarus” Artist unknown. Oil on canvas With frame, Height 46”, Width 36.7. Without frame, Height 37” (94 cm), Width 28.25 (71.8 cm) This shows an outdoor scene with figures moving from an archway. It looks biblical. There is a central figure with his arms raised. This is an enigmatic piece and it was labelled “Raising of Lazarus” by someone. In 2001 a top figure from the Appraisers Association of America appraised it at $15,000. Said it might be Italian 17th century. In 2005 Masterson Gurr Johns Inc appraised it at $3,000 fair market value. Roman school mid-17th century. Oil on Canvas inscribed on the reverse: PRO AMICO ET GENIO and with a cipher VD or ND. He clarified a misattribution. The figures are in the style of the Magnasco family. The frame is new, but the painting itself is about 350 years old or more. We are selling below the fair market and appraised value to modernize and spring-clean our house. Included documentation of the forensic/scientific dating. McCrone Associates with the University of Toronto did a Carbon 14 test. The results from on the original canvas fragments were in the 1620-1670 A.D. However other restored parts of the canvas were in the 1635-1695, 1720-1810 and 1915-1955 periods. McCrove said that the painting was relined 200-250 years ago, this is 1744 ± 40 years and a second sample said 1794 ± 50 years according to their Carbon 14 dating. Small samples of paint were taken with a fine-point tungsten needle in non-restored areas. The samples were mounted onto glass microscope slides for polarized light microscopy (PLM) analysis and onto a beryllium planchet for energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry (EDS) on the scanning electron microscope (SEM). A portion was also mounted onto a potassium bromide substrate for infrared spectroscopy analysis (IR) of the mediums. The painting was also scientifically examined using computer imaging in Maastricht Holland in 2004. The paining was restored for the final time in the 1990s by Victor E. Grace of Grace Galleries, Brunswick ME. He was a fellow the American Institute of the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works of Art. He was a past member of the American Association of Conservators and Restorers. This is part of a collection of paintings that originate in Florence from a family close to the Medicis, later they moved to Genova where a documented transfer took place in 1852. They came into the family as a collateral for a large loan to the former Genovese family. A copy of the provenance from the Italian with English translation is available. Included documentation of the forensic/scientific dating is part of the package. Will include the following: Forensic reports from McCrone Associates Reports and images of the final restoration by Victor Grace Appraisers’ notes Copy of the provenance from the Italian with English translation I inherited this enigmatic work of art. Free shipping.

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