Theodore Alexander Empire-style Rams Head

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Posted on Sat Dec 23 2017

A pair of Empire-style rams-head gilt metal covered vases, mounted in marble bases. These are quite decorative and evocative of the French Empire style. Their use is unclear, but it might be that these re-cast pieces are mounted on marble to give them weight, but which alters their apparent use. As modern items, their decorative value is as below. The Empire style corresponds to the period of Napoleonic rule which lends its name to the late Neoclassical style that characterizes artistic creations of the era, mainly finding its inspiration in Ancient Egyptian and Roman culture. Napoleon I visited French textile, porcelain, and furniture workshops to encourage their increased production for the greater glory of France, and all of the arts served to promote his regime. Courts across Europe adopted the Empire style, especially in Russia, where it became a staple. In Germany and Austria, it coexisted with the gentler Biedermeier associated with modest domestic interiors. Charles Percier (1764–1838) and Pierre François Léonard Fontaine (1762–1853) were the two most influential figures in the field of Empire decoration and furnishing. Original cost: $490, Made in 2000

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Salvatore Salpietro

Salvatore Salpietro

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