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1950 Italian Napoleon Decanter with 6 Glasses





3.54" W x 14.17" H x 3.54" L

1 lbs


Mid Century Modern



MadInteriorArt is a company active in the world of design and Vintage for over 20 years. We select design objects with a remarkable artistic depth created by the biggest names on the Italian and international scene. Our mission is to give charm and importance to living spaces with pieces of objective beauty and the certainty of the recognizability of those who created them. Great designers for objects capable of making the beauty of any environment great. Located in the center of the fashion capital of the world, Milan, firmly believing that the non-ephemeral beauty of beautiful things is infinite and timeless. Buying design objects is not an expense, it is an investment for our image, image of our lifestyle and certainly a guarantee of the economic revaluation of the intrinsic value of rare and unique objects.Our collection include exclusive pieces designed by Ico Parisi, Joe Colombo, Alexander Calder, Vico Magistretti, Artemide and many others...


1950 Elegant Italian Mid Century Vintage Napoleon Decanter with 6 Glasses 1950s, some sign of aging on it, but however the items are in good condition. Made in Italy. _ Decanter _ 6 Glasses Dimensions: Decanter diameter 3,54 x 14,17 inches diameter cm 9 x cm 36 H Glasses diameter 1,77 x 5,11 H inches diametro cm 4,5 x 13 H

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