vintage wood tripod, adjustable telescope stand


Posted on Mon May 07 2018

for sale is a vintage wood tripod, adjustable telescope stand. this is really cool for people that want to make a lamp of their own, but don't want to mess with soldering and wires – maybe get a light kit with one of the colorful cords or use string lights to wrap around the tripod. the tripod was salvaged from an old telescope. the base is wood rails with rubber ends to keep the floors safe. the wood has been buffed with wax, so it's good to go. the base easily comes apart if you want to strip the wood or stain in. see how this tripod description is really about inspiring others to DIY? well, let me cut it out and stick to the description. the base varies in length, and is easy to lock with winged nuts. three legs are held together by a metal triangle that's attached by winged nuts as well. hinges on the legs have two levels of perforations to keep the legs either close together or a little bit further out. metal triangle adds extra stability as well. it could act as a miniature shelf for miniature succulents or something small and bold. bottom of the triangle has a last name scribbled on it – they must have been that proud to own it. the head rotates freely. side nuts are adjustable. when metal triangle is loosed from at least one leg, the tripod folds up, and can be stored seamlessly.

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