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1970s Original CYRK Ringmaster with horsehead

$150 or Best Offer




2" W x 39" H x 29" L

5 lbs


Mid Century Modern


Synthetic, Metal

VINTAGE ART 60s to 90s
CYRK advertising posters have always been a passion of mine. They are known for their vibrant colors, with unexpected color combinations. They have a certain childlike quality which I find endearing. CYRK Posters came about during the end of World War II which marked the dawn of a new period in the development of Polish poster art. This became known as the Polish School of Posters. The recently installed Communist regime began commissioning artists to design posters not only with social and political messages, but also and more prominently to promote the many aspects of the government-run cultural media: concerts, exhibitions, film, jazz, opera, theater, etc. and the circus (cyrk in Polish). Building sites throughout Poland were enclosed with wooden fences, which were quickly covered with posters. These fences were used as billboards and a bulletin board for events’. This became the golden era of the 'Polish School of Posters.' I hope you have enjoyed my store. Thank you for visiting. Yasmin P.S. more information and video's of all art are on my instagram page. #cyrkusact Enjoy!


CYRK Horses Head Ring Master Waldemar Swierzy (1931-2013) Awards: 1972-2nd Prize, 1976-1st Prize, 4th & 6th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw, PL 1977-1st Prize, II Poster Biennale, Lahti, FI Member, AGI (Alliance Graphique International) as of 1965 Style: designs often shocking, unusual concepts; myriad of styles: folk art from the 50s, pop art from the 60s, portraits from the 70s, & TV images from the 80s. SIZE: 27"W X 39"H (69CM X 99CM). MINT CONDITION Not Linen Backed Framed and Mounted MY CYRK POSTERS ARE IN BEAUTIFUL CONDITION. THE COLORS ARE SO VIBRANT. IT’ S HARD TO IMAGE THEY ARE OVER 40 YEARS OLD, SOME OLDER. THIS PIECE WAS BOUGHT FROM AN OLD BOOK SHOP IN POLAND 20 YEARS AGO. THIS BOOKSHOP BOUGHT AN OLD PRINTING HOUSE WITH ITS OLD STORAGE AND ARCHIVE THAT WERE FULL OF PRINTED MATERIALS FROM THE 20TH CENTURY. THE PRINTING HOUSE HAD COLLECTED EXAMPLE POSTERS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD, INCLUDING POLISH POSTERS. THIS CYRK POSTER WAS FROM THAT PRINTING HOUSE AND IT IS ORIGINAL SINCE THERE WERE NO FACSIMILES OR REPRODUCTIONS MADE IN THE PRINTING HOUSE. MINT CONDITION ACCEPT CASH OR PAY PAL ONLY - Thank you ;)

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