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20th Century Traditional Brass Fireplace Andirons

$250 or Best Offer




11" W x 25" H x 19" L





STORIED LOOT: Curated with Style and Spirit
Storied Loot: Curated with Style & Spirit
Design-inspired adventures in lands near and far make for interesting stories and a life well-lived! I love travel to exotic places, and wandering off the beaten path to find hidden treasures. I look for unusual pieces of art and home furnishings spanning the 19th-21st centuries that have a history -- and when I am lucky, even a provenance. I believe we all feel most settled in our homes, large or small, when they’re filled with special things that create beautiful backdrops for the stories of our lives… If you’re adventurous as I am, and one who loves timeless pieces with true style and spirit, I’d love for you to follow me here and on Instagram @ StoriedLoot. Thank you!


A Pair: Antique solid brass and iron andirons from a stately city home. They are early 20th-century American-made andirons, and are taller than what is often found today from this era. The brass has a lovely luster, as well as some patina and scratching. Overall, they are in terrific condition for the vintage. They are structurally sound and can handle another lifetime of use. It appears from the photos that one andiron is taller than the other. This is actually not the case. They are each the same size

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