Brutalist hammered brass chandelier and pendant

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Posted on Fri Mar 30 2018

Brutalist hammered brass chandelier and pendant lamp by MOE Lighting using batwing / stalagmite motif in the manner of Paul Evans and Oscar Neimeier's designs for Brasilia. These pieces are a fine example of a trend wihin a trend within a trend. The streamlined Modernism of the 1950s and '60s produced a more ornamental and experimental version of itself called the Contemporary style in the late 1960s and 1970s. A controversial and much debated sub-trend of the Contemporary style is known as Brutalism. Like their architect counterparts, Brutalist lighting designers embraced rugged, rough-edged, hand-formed sculptural effects that boldly expressed the materials being used. This one can be traced to a 1971 Moe Bridges catalogue. This rugged and almost unfinished sculptural look is often called Brutalist today, though when Moe Light offered this series in the early 1970s they referred to it "contemporary eclectic." While it is slightly more aggressive emotionally, this style can almost be seen as a sort of Modernist Arts & Crafts, where the hand of the maker is celebrated rather than disguised. A nice example from a hard-to-find series. Fixture terminates with a plug, rather than a canopy, so not meant to be hardwired. They're in excellent condition.

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