vintage industrial drafting table by Hamilton


Posted on Mon May 28 2018

for sale is a restored vintage industrial drafting table by Hamilton MFG Co. of Two Rivers, Wis., circa 1940s. the company was originally founded by J.E. Hamilton in 1880. its growth closely represents industrialization of our country (you can read more about it at the drafting furniture production began in 1917, and this table is a proud example. another fun historic fact is the tags stating that the table was a property of Defense Plant Corporation (DPC). DPC was established in August 22, 1940, to finance and supervise defense and war programs. it was dissolved, July 1, 1945, which, considering that they bought the table new, narrows it down to 5-year span. this Hamilton table is a classic: height is adjustable 32.75 to 41 inches with top horizontally. inch-thick top measures at 44.25 x 36 inches. sturdy oak base, cast iron cranks and rails. the table has been completely disassembled, washed, dried, scraped, sanded, then covered with layers of teak oil, making it food-grade safe. teak oil is the kind of finish that’s extremely easy to maintain, yet it protects the wood really well. it’s also liquid-repelling without the plastic feel of poly. we took our time restoring this, and want to make sure you enjoy it on your terms. please provide your delivery zip code to get a shipping and timing estimate.

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