Metal Storage Cabinet (IKEA Hack)


Posted on Sun Feb 25 2018

Awesome storage cabinet. Cabinets look new. This is a DIY Ikea hack - we used 2 PS cabinets. They are secured together with 4 metal rods. This is incredibly stable and secure. Does not tip over. The top does lift off to transport easily. We used it in our kitchen, but this bad boy can live anywhere. He's super cool like that. Adjustable shelves. Cord outlet holes inside the cabinet. Locks w/ keys. Asking $200 OBO. Width: 47 inches Depth: 16 inches Height: 49 inches

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Nikki Spencer

Nikki Spencer

Designer. Strong believer in making the world a more beautiful & efficient place. Currently, studying Minimalism. Aspires to one day, let go.