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Moroccan Sabra Cactus Silk Pillow


Posted on Fri Oct 19 2018

Sabra pillows fetch from the hot deserts of Morocco..... Sabras are like Levis -the more faded, the better. When exposed to the sun, this fabric fades into these soft, fabulous colors – we love roaming the souqs, looking for the most faded ones! These gorgeous vintage pillows were purchased in the souqs (markets) of Morocco. They’re perfect to mix and match, and fit into most any room or patio. We love the surprisingly soft quality to cactus fabrics, the symbols, pattern variability, and colors of these sabra pillows. How Sabra pillows are made…. Sabra pillows are made by the Berber people in Morocco, using agave fibers. They are commonly referred to as “Cactus pillows” however they are not technically made from cactus. One shop owner joked that they’re “vegan” – they’re entirely made with plant products. Agave leaves are beaten and soaked until the fibers can be separated out, then the fibers are hand-spun into thread (with some camel wool). The thread is woven into a strong, lustrous fabric on a loom, then dyed using a plant dye such as indigo or henna. Traditional Berber symbols are then embroidered onto the pillow, and the pillows are closed by hand braiding the thread ends – so pretty. The pillow takes about a week to complete! Some details…. Hand crafted, zipper, pillows shipped filled. Measurements: approximately 19 by 20 inches Care: Try to avoid getting these wet – water may stain these pillows. To clean, wipe with slightly damp cloth, or dry clean. Fabric is very resistant to fire.

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