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Sorry, this item is no longer available.
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Artemide Gople Mini Pendant Light

$700 or Best Offer




8" W x 8.5" H x 18" L






Gople Lamp reconciles human spaces and nature through light; it is more than just a design object, it is a technology for nourishing plant growth and enhancing human perception. Gople Lamp combines modern hi-technology components with artisanal glass-making traditions to create an open, sustainable system where both plants can thrive and humans can take care of their emotional, physiological and perceptive experience. The lamp starts from a mouth-blown glass produced according to an ancient traditional Venetian technique, which encloses a patented RWB light technology that helps plants illuminated by the light to grow. The light technology inside the glass creates scenic or ambiance effects, while at the same time provides functional white lighting. Assembling the Gople Lamp requires a few components including an upper heat sink dedicated to white emission and holes for ventilation, white LED for indirect lighting, a diffuser to host the LED above it, a reflective, flat white surface to reflect the light indirectly, and a bottom heat sink for RWB emission with holes for ventilation as well. The smooth, glass form is available in white crystal, transparent silver and transparent bronze finishes. The RWB light technology system within Gople Lamp was patented in 2011, and is a new lighting paradigm and approach to colored light. The light is no longer classified as RGB (red-green-blue) for people’s psychophysical wellbeing, but rather RWB (red-white-blue) for a light that is respectful and accommodating to both plants and people—a horticultural lighting condition that offers comfortable, ambience while supporting photosynthesis. Gople Lamp RWB calibrates its emissions according to the PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) values required in two phases where appropriate supply of light is crucial: the multiplication phase is accompanied by blue radiations with a 425-450nm wavelength, whereas the blooming phase is supported by red radiation between 575 and 625nm—allowing houseplants to thrive under red, white and blue tones. An evolution on standard lighting and technologies, Gople Lamp combines direct and controlled RWB emission with white indirect diffused light that to illuminate and nourish for more greener spaces.

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