Running of the Bulls Poster Pamplona 2017

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Posted on Mon May 14 2018

Authentic Pamplona San Fermin Festival (Running of the Bulls) poster. Acquired from the Pamplona Tourist Office, the only official outlet, during La Fiesta San Fermin. The poster that announces the bull fighting fair of Pamplona in 2017 is the work of the artist from Navarra, José Antonio Eslava, and shows the bull staring directly at the spectator. José Antonio Eslava also was the creator of the poster for the Bull Fair in 1967, the only artist asked twice by the Casa de Misericordia to carry out this important task. The Casa always uses well-known artists to announce the bull fiesta of Sanfermines. Since the year 1959, the posters of the Bull Fair are kept as a treasure by the Casa. Unframed Mint Condition.

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