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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Decorative Attic Mint Light Aqua Soda Bottles

$30 or Best Offer




2.5" W x 7" H x 2.5" L

1 lbs






Group of 7 original and intact two-leaf hinge mold-blown light aqua blue glass soda water bottles designed and bottled in chicago, il. "Ryan Bottling Works," "Chicago Consolidated Bottling," "Henry Roll." The blob top bottles contain the manufacturer's monogrammed logo along the front and base of each bottle. The thick glass hutchinson type bottles were discovered in chicago residential privy pits. The bottles were likely fabricated around 1880. Surface wear and discoloration from being buried evident. The shape of the "blob" top collars or lips vary slightly from one bottle to the next. The embossed lettering and monogram are largely consistent throughout. "Blob top" soda and/or mineral bottles were blown in hinged metal or wood molds and utilized thick glass walls to withstand the pressure exerted by their carbonated contents. The applied lip of the "hutchinson" type bottle was a large and distinctive "blob" round and bulbous piece of glass that was applied separately around the neck of the bottle. Once a blob top soda bottle was filled with mineral water or artificially carbonated soda water, a cork was inserted into the opening and usually held in place by either a putnam stopper or a wire looped over the top and twisted around the neck beneath the blob. These externally-stoppered bottles were phased when Charles G. Hutchinson developed and patented his internally-stoppered steel wire loop seal that gained increasing popularity with bottlers and consumers. Priced for the lot.

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