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Giant French Cinéma Movie/Film Noir Poster.





0.1" W x 62" H x 46" L

0.5 lbs





Tiggy & Pip
Tiggy & Pip is a vintage home décor shop by mother and son décor and interior design loving duo, Tiggy and Pip Coudray. With a shared love of all things French and vintage we opened our shop in 2011. Based in France, between Cognac and La Rochelle, we source unusual items from recent French and European history. Everyday French household items from the 1880's to 1980's which, although at one time were plentiful, are now increasingly rare and collectible. We source specialist props for films/photo shoots and interior designers. Many of our 'finds' are currently on display in a number of top New York restaurants and Hollywood apartments.


Price includes shipping - see shipping notes. This poster is ideal for Warehouse/ Penthouse/ Loft Style Apartments as it is high impact and it's giant size makes it perfect to decorate large spaces. This dramatic and evocative image is typical of 'French Film Noir' - very atmospheric and emotional. It oozes 'French chic' and is meloncholic and moving. MR 73 stared Danile Auteuil and Olivia Bonamy in this dramatic police thriller. I found this résumé of the film: 'Un tueur en série ensanglante Marseille. Louis Schneider, flic au SRPJ, mène l'enquête malgré l'alcool et les fantômes de son passé. Le passé resurgit aussi pour Justine. 25 ans plus tôt, ses parents ont été sauvagement assassinés par Charles Subra. Schneider l'avait alors arrêté. Mais aujourd'hui, par le jeu des remises de peine et pour bonne conduite, Subra sort de prison. Cette libération anticipée va alors réunir Schneider et Justine, deux êtres qui tentent de survivre au drame de leur vie.' 'A series of bloody murders in Marseille. Louis Schneider, a cop in the SRPJ, leads the investigation despite the alcohol and the ghosts of his past. The past also resurfaces for Justine. 25 years earlier, her parents were brutally murdered by Charles Subra. Schneider had arrested him. But today, for good conduct and showing remorse, Subra comes out of prison. This early release will then bring together Schneider and Justine, two beings who try to survive the drama of their lives.' This poster is in 'Grande Format' Size (Portrait) measuring 1.2m x 1.6m (46" x 62") and comes with the original cinéma listing sticker on the back, stating that it is in 'moyen' etat (average condition). The sticker indicates two sizes - this one is the larger 120x160 (not the 40x60) It is actually in great condition, with just one tiny edge tear and a couple of sticky tape marks which, as you can see from the photos, does not effect the impact of the image at all. It has obviously been folded for storage and distribution and will be sent to you folded flat. It has many fold creases which is to be expected and adds to the authenticity of the poster. Sign up at the bottom of the homepage on our website: https://www.tiggyandpip.com to receive our newsletter and discount/sales offers. Thank you for visiting Tiggy x

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