Antique Piano Bookcase

1600 Or best offer

Posted on Thu Jun 28 2018

Stunning one-of-a-kind bookcase - reimagined and repurposed from a rare, authentic American-made Altenburg grand piano, built in New York City between 1865 and 1875. Black rim/case and beam structure are intact and original to the grand piano; as is the honey/natural wood panelling. The shelves and pale backing are newly added. Overall size is 55" tall x 59" wide x 13" deep. Depth of shelf varies - mostly 11.25" and 10", with quirky ledges and some narrower parts; makes for interesting display options. The grandeur, iconic beauty, and timeless craftsmanship of this 100 year old piano will be the focal point of any room, a real conversation starter! Custom Orders welcomed.

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Grand Statement

Grand Statement

New Beginnings for Treasured Old Pianos UPCYCLED REIMAGINED REPURPOSED TRANSFORMED into beautiful, unique pieces of furniture and art.