Crouch & Fitzgerald Trunk Circa 1882 - 1900.


Posted on Fri Apr 27 2018

A large semi-flat top leather and metal covered wooden trunk with American made hardware and hardwood protective slats. The covering is leather with a pebble grain finish and hand tooled designs. On the top there are four thick hardwood slats running lengthwise, attached with heavy steel clamps. There are also two wood slats running horizontally across the entire trunk front and rear, attached with heavy steel clamps. The outer edges of the trunk are sheet metal covered, painted black, and there are three steel bands around the body of the trunk for extra strength. This type trunk was specifically made to carry a salesman's sample items, so they were called “sample trunks” by the makers. Condition: The trunk is in good condition for its aged, complete (except for the leather handles), unrestored condition, with average surface wear and typical signs of age and use such as scratches, dents, patches, and surface wear and light rust on some of the metal parts. Size: 40” wide, across the front, 28.5” tall, 27.5” deep

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Found by Newberry

Found by Newberry

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