Trellis with Mirror Panels, Malm 4 Drawers


Posted on Sun Apr 29 2018

<h2><STRONG>Trellis with Mirror Panels, Malm 4 Drawers</STRONG></h2> <br> Finally, you can transform your IKEA furniture with these easy-to-apply furniture overlays. This furniture decorative panels will transform your furniture immediately, everyone will love it and most importantly you will be amazed by the final results! <h3><STRONG>MALM 4 DRAWER PANELS:</STRONG></h3> <br> 1 Trellis with Mirror Panel with 80 x 20 cm | 31.49 x 7.87 inches <B>- 35 USD</B> 3 Trellis with Mirror Panel with 80 x 20 cm | 31.49 x 7.87 inches <B>- 84 USD</B> 4 Trellis with Mirror Panel 80 x 20 cm | 31.49 x 7.87 inches <B>- 99 USD</B> <h3><STRONG>MATERIALS: </STRONG></h3> <br> White PVC Trellis + Acrylic Mirror Can be hung up with double-sided adhesive tape or other kinds of glue. PVC - 0.19 inches | 5 mm Mirror - 0.11 inches | 3 mm <h3><STRONG>HOW TO APPLY</STRONG></h3> <br> – Liquid nail glue; – Adhesive double-sided tape; – Silicone. <h3><STRONG>FAQ</STRONG></h3> <br> <B>– How can i clean them?</B> Clean it with a humid soft cloth, therefore, do not use abrasive materials. <B>– May i reuse it?</B> Due to the nature of the material it is possible to reuse. <B>– Is it easy to cut?</B> Yes, you may cut it with a professional knife. <B>– Do i need to apply glue or paste?</B> Yes, you may glue them with silicon, liquid nail, etc. IKEA is a registered trade mark of Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is in no way associated with the Inter IKEA or IKEA group of companies. Copyright

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