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Pair of Mid-Century Project Chairs





20" W x 31" H x 20" L

20 lbs


Mid Century Modern




These "Planner Group" captains chairs by Paul McCobb need to be completely restored. Sanded and refinished from top to bottom. They're made of solid maple. Can be used to expand on your existing Mccobb set or as some sexy accent chairs. They look amazing when ebonized. McCobb is a sought after designer for good reason. His aesthetic is absolutely timeless and will be imitated from now till the end of time. Dimensions: 31" tall 20" deep 20" wide follow me at https://www.instagram.com/dwell_versed/ Delivery to Chicagoland area for 50 bucks. 200 to ship beyond that, SHIPPING WILL TAKE BETWEEN 1 TO 3 WEEKS. I use private shippers with affordable rates. Delivery times are determined by where they are at in their drop off cycles. If you need an item immediately, I’m happy to meet up with a shipper provide by you. minor cosmetic imperfections that reflect age and decades of use. If a flaw is large and unsightly or compromises the structural integrity, it is repaired. Otherwise, small signs of age and imperfection are left intact; please determine whether aged furniture is right for you.

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