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Rattan Wicker Lounge Loveseat/Sofa Light Brown





36" W x 34" H x 49" L

50 lbs





Rattan Furniture
Rattan Furniture
RATTAN FURNITURE selling high-quality ecological wicker home furnishing items, made in Indonesia by premium quality manufacturers. Beautiful rattan chairs, rattan coffee tables, rattan stools, rattan sofas, rattan ottomans, rattan chests, rattan pets bed and living sets. We are experienced wicker furniture dealer based in Staten Island, New York and now we invite you to have a look at our large range of the top quality wicker rattan furniture. Telephone +1 415 727 75 65


Wicker rattan Lounge sofa / Loveseat for those who decided to seriously engage in the creation of exquisite interior – note our exclusive models. Each sofa and sofa bed provided in our online store, is a real class in the field of furniture art. Not to be unfounded, we suggest you quickly take a look at our products in the pictures. All models – bright designer samples, imported from Indonesia. This rattan furniture gives the impression of lightness and refinement. Can’t wait to sit down and relax. Any wicker furniture made of natural rattan that you see in our store, can be placed both at home and on the street – everywhere it will look harmonious. Natural furniture will last you a year because rattan is one of the most durable materials used in the manufacture of furniture. You can buy in our online store wicker sofas and sofa made from natural rattan on the most favorable terms for you. Choosing black furniture, of particular note her style. The most good, it’s in such interior styles as: art Deco, Chinese, contemporary, minimalist styles. But in the classic version it seems pretty massive and pretentious. Comfortably sitting, picking up your favorite book or with the music, start to wobble and you will feel the benefits you bring such a wonderful subject as a sofa loveseat. And don’t forget, comfort is the key to your success in everyday life, so do not neglect the purchase of this product as a sofa loveseat made of Eco material. Universal in use and suitable for all interiors. Looks great alone or in combination with other elements and rattan furniture and not only. Therefore, a ideal color for home decoration and cozy interior. Rattan furniture will allow You to make your apartment or house is attractive, cozy and stylish. Wicker rattan furniture is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly, which is important in the modern world. Any visitor, once in Your apartment or home, will appreciate all the advantages of these products. A delightful appearance does not detract from the quality characteristics of such furniture. With proper care the furniture as well as from natural and from artificial rattan, will serve You for many years and always happy with his presence in the interior. Rattan Sofa Dimensions: 34.0″H x 36.0″W x 49.0″L 4 Cushions color light beige. Dimensions Seat Cushion 21,5″W x 24″L x 4″H Dimensions Back Cushion 22″W x 23″L x 5″H Height from the floor to the seat is 17.00″ Easy to Assemble! The real color of the product may differ from the site depending on the settings of your monitor and photos. All furniture presented here comes from Indonesia. We wish you to find the furniture of their dreams. Rattan furniture does not require additional care, but still it must be remembered that like any other thing, it requires a careful attitude and then he will give you comfort for years to come. Have a good shopping! Made of High Quality Natural Rattan, Class A!

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