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Mixed Media Fine Art Photography by Roman Gerardo

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The Real Excellence
The Real Excellence
From original artworks, limited editions, and vintage fine art exhibition posters, I would love to put together the corner for the young and experienced art enthusiast to find the perfect element to add to their interior design decoration while collecting art in the process. I'm an Art History Major and have been working as art consultant for over 15 years working closely with professional industry personnel going from interior designers to art collectors and celebrity clientele. Most of our rare findings come from prestigious auction houses, private collector estates, non profit organizations or directly from the artists or museum and/or gallery institutions.


There was something truly particular about the day I shot this photograph. I remember seeing another brand new lifeguard station placed very close to this one but still not on the sand but on the boardwalk. I approached the personnel in charge and start talking with them. They were from the architectural company that managed these truly awesome little houses and of course they knew inside out every detail on them. That day, one of these stations was going to be replaced by that new one. I remember I had just passed that old one and truly was not in the best "aesthetically talking" shape due to being exposed for so long to weather conditions so they brought a new design to replace it. Two seconds after saying that, one of them pointed it at this pink one while saying, "We are already working on the replacement of that one" 24x36 inches including a white border for signature, title and edition number. Limited edition of 10 signed, titled, and numbered. Framed in black As seen at art galleries right now. A Miami Art Photo by Roman Gerardo Photography Fall 2018

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