White Leather Sofa


Posted on Sat Apr 21 2018

This is from a German company called Erpo. It was bought for $3000 in Europe. It's structurally perfect. You could use this to support huge gold bars if you wanted. The leather is a bit crusty feeling in places, you could probably oil it. But it looks great. Has a tiny cut on the leather on the arm. No idea what happened that night. Slightly discoloured. If judging the condition of sofas was a thing you could do by numbers, I'd give it a 74 out of 100 for a 6 year old expensively made sofa. I've more money than I have time, so people that come on time, don't endlessly think about it and can charm my doorman into not needing to book out the service elevator to get it down, will be offered a great price. But thinking $250 is fair. Oh, it's 85 inches x 36 inches.

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