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Large Vintage Wallpaper Roller, Botanical Pattern





4.5" W x 21.5" H x 4.5" L

12 lbs




Metal, Wood

cushionchicago is born out of a love of textiles, furniture and the decorative arts that drives a passion for finding and bringing vintage to you!


Amazing and large vintage wallpaper roller, originally used to print a repeating flower pattern. Truly beautiful. The roller is quite heavy, made of solid wood except for the hollow core. The pattern design is very detailed and shows leaf and floral drawings. These are lovely on their own or can easily be made into a table lamp. Excellent vintage condition. Clean and not damaged. A few of the metal shapes have fallen off, but not a lot. Measures exactly 21.5" tall x 4-5/8" diameter. Weighs 12 lbs. *** This roller was originally used to hand print wallpaper patterns on paper. During the 1800s, industrialization transformed the business of making wallpaper in America with the arrival of cylinder printing machines and continuous-feed paper. The paper moved around a giant drum and passed beneath a series of printing rollers. Each roller added detail in as many as twelve different colors as they rotated through individual ink troughs. A staff of artisans was hired to design and create patterns by milling and or tapping metal patterns onto that core. The results were from simple to complex patterns that were filled with flowers, stripes and abstract patterns. This could be as old as the late 1800s or more recent from the early 20th century. ***

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