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Industrial-Style Shelving Unit





24" W x 50" H x 14" L





A Red Bird
A Red Bird
A Red Bird is mother-daughter business which specializes in refinishing and reupholstering vintage and antique furniture. Red birds take our breath away with their beauty, and we hope that the beauty of our furnishings takes your breath away as well. We gather great furniture, accents, and supplies to create unique things for your home or place of business. We select items based on their beauty and quality. Every piece has a past -- its own story. Minor cosmetic imperfections help tell that story, so they are left intact. When large or structurally compromising flaws are discovered, we always repair them. Please message or email us (redbirdrefinished@gmail.com) with any questions or requests; don’t hesitate to ask! We also make custom pieces -- particularly machinist chests and ottomans. Additionally, we can refinish/reupholster something that you already own. Because each piece is unique, we think they deserve a beautiful name as well. Each of our pieces are given one at the end of their time with us. Browse our photos to see what you like!


Meet Jakob! This industrial-style shelving unit is ready to add functionality to your space. The abundant layering and distressing on the exterior of this piece gives him a rugged, rough-around-the-edges look that we just love. This effect was created by covering the piece in an earthy terracotta brown, followed by a lustrous textured nickel. After that, a generous amount of sanding revealed each depth in turn. Let us know if you have a place for this unique and practical piece! #redbirdrefinished redbirdrefinished.com ***** In good condition. Can be disassembled and stored easily.

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