Multi-Arc Lamp, Modern minimal & functional


Posted on Sun Jun 24 2018

The intersection of timeless modern design and highly functional minimalism! This is a great lighting solution for loft spaces or high ceilings without installed lighting. It is not just a reading floor is an entire-area floorlamp! Provides light over a much greater area than the typical arc-lamp design. This is a TALL lamp...the bottom surface of the lowest lamp head is very high. I am 6'3" and can stand under it easily. Each of the four lamp heads can be positioned and aimed independently. The circular base is large and heavy, and prevents any tipping of the lamp. Each lamp holds 2 x 25 watt bulbs. If using incandescent bulbs, that's about 375 lumens each. 2 x 4 x 375 lumens = 3,000 lumens! That's a great amount of light over a wide area. Includes original manufacturer packing: cardboard box, Styrofoam padding, and protective plastic bags to protect it during shipping, if needed by buyer. Love this lamp! Sad to let it go. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY** I can accept credit cards or PayPal through a secure payment gateway. I'm selling two other items in these photos and I can offer a package discount.

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