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Silk Elephant Tea and Coffee Pot 'Cozy'

$150 or Best Offer




1" W x 12.5" H x 14.5" L

0.5 lbs




Wool & Cotton

STORIED LOOT: Curated with Style and Spirit
STORIED LOOT: Curated with Style & Spirit
Design-inspired adventures in lands near and far make for interesting stories and a life well-lived! I love travel to exotic places, and wandering off the beaten path to find hidden treasures. I look for unusual pieces of art and home furnishings spanning the 19th-21st centuries that have a history -- and when I am lucky, even a provenance. I believe we all feel most settled in our homes, large or small, when they’re filled with special things that feed our souls and create beautiful backdrops for the stories of our lives… If you’re adventurous as I am, and one who shies away from the latest design fads in favor of timeless pieces with true style and spirit, I’d love for you to follow me here! And also, please look for my forthcoming sites on Instagram and Pinterest. Details found here just after the New Year. Thank you!


Channeling the British Raj, this tea and coffee-pot cozy will inspire an interesting conversation at the least! Handmade of silk with a padded muslin lining to keep the pot warm, I found this 'cozy' in India during a design-minded adventure through Rajasthan. It's one-of-a-kind!

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