Vintage Sparklets New York Corp "D' Seltzer Bottle


Posted on Sat Oct 28 2017

This seltzer bottle will make your bar stand out. These are sure to be a hit at your next cocktail party! Heavy glass bottle with mesh covering. Heavy plated chrome top and mechanism. It has a red line around the bottle. It is untested but everything seems to move as it should. It is in good condition considering its age. This is a seltzer bottle made in Czechoslovakia in the 50s. You could use this for making any number of soda drink, not just soda water. A carbon dioxide canister is used to inject the ‘fizz’ into the liquid in the bottle, plain water for soda, water with quinine to make tonic water, or water with different flavored syrups to make soft drinks, or soda pop. It measures about 13" high and about 5"wide.

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Lydia Rockett

Lydia Rockett

I am a lover of all things old, especially my grandparents. My goal is to pass my passion on and give others nice things at a good price.