Moroccan Beni Ouarain 221

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Posted on Tue Apr 17 2018

Every breathtaking Beni Ouarain rug we discover sparks joy. Did you know that these rugs also make great wall art? These vintage treasures are thoughtfully hand-picked and carefully crafted by the Berbers. The rugs are named after the Berber village 'Beni Ouarain' in the Mid-Atlas mountain range. All Beni Ouarain rugs are vintage with a soft ivory color due to the wool's natural color and are accompanied by dark grey stripes. This typical Beni Ouarain rug is traditionally knotted with nothing else but wool. To maintain its quality and its softness, the rug is traditionally washed with soap an, subsequently dried in the sun. This process ensures a pleasant and soft texture. Each rug has a unique design. We hope this beauty will find a happy new home! - Unique design - Hand made - Hand washed and dried in the sun Material: 100% wool Sizing: 226 x 164 centimeter Given the fact these rugs are vintage small traces of use may be present.

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The Souks

The Souks

The brand stands for a mix of everything that makes this country so unique: a dynamic culture, passion for craftsmanship and richness in materials.