Grand Canyon Topographical Map, Triptych Art Print


Posted on Mon Jan 29 2018

Grand Canyon Topography Art Print. This is definitely a statement piece. This framed triptych of the Grand Canyon shows incredible depth of the Colorado river and all the connecting canyons that make up the Grand Canyon. The topographical lines are interpretive in order to give depth, but the actual rivers and canyons are representative of the actual canyon. The map was originally drawn by hand using setellite photography. The prints are reproduced by hand using screen prints. Each print is printed on 19x30 inch panels and then framed in 61x91cm frames. Frames are included with the prints. The map was drawn by hand and prints are made using screen printing methods. Each map is signed. This listing: Material: 100lb acid free paper Size: 3 50x70cm panels (in 61x91cm frames.) Type: Topographical Map (screen print) Paint: High quality archival ink Signed Inquire about custom orders and wholesale options.

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Erik Linton

Erik Linton

As an artist, my purpose is to reveal the artistry that exists in nature and to present it in a way that is accessible enough to hang on a wall.