How it Works

Everyone is a Seller!

You don’t need to be a tech genius to be a seller. Whether you have hundreds of items to sell or a few per year, you can get started in minutes. Target your listings locally with in-person pickup and local delivery or reach our global community with domestic and international shipping.

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Set Up Your Own Store

Every member gets a personalized store. Get started by completing your store profile. Listing on Apartment Therapy Marketplace is free! Promoting your listing moves it to the top of all listings and re-includes it in our weekly digest.

List to Your Heart’s Content

You can also create a listing via our website, or iPhone app. Your listings will display in your store, our local listings and weekly digest to your neighbors.

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Make It Beautiful, Price to Sell

Upload multiple big photos, write a clear title and description with all the juicy details. Add descriptive keywords to show up in relevant searches. Set a fixed price or best offer. You can also trade, rent or give it away for free.

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Target Locally, or Globally

Apartment Therapy Marketplace works on proximity by calculating the distance between the buyer and your listings. Enter the address where the item is physically located (it’s private!) and select the delivery method—in-person pickup, local delivery or shipping.

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You’re In Control

Publish your listings when you’re ready to sell or save as draft to finish later. Your listings won’t expire, so close them when you want or promote them to move them to the top of all listings. You can edit your listings at anytime.

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Respond to Buyers

Interested buyers will contact you through our integrated messaging system. You can reply to these messages via our website, iPhone app or email. Review their profile to see if it’s a good fit and complete the negotiations within the message.

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Our Commitment to You

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World-Class Security

Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do. Our entire website is secured using SSL (see the lock next to our web address) and all sensitive data is encrypted.

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Respect of Privacy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we respect your right to privacy in everything we do. Your location and personal information is private unless you choose to share it. Additionally, you can change all your profile information anytime without losing your member verifications.

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Spam and Fraud Protection

We go to great lengths to maintain the highest level of trust and safety, weeding out spammers and fraudsters. We do this by manually monitoring listings and employing automated tools to detect spam and possible fraudulent activity.

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We’re Here for You

Our goal is to make Apartment Therapy Marketplace the best, most personal experience possible by making ourselves surprisingly available to answer questions, resolve issues and help you get the most out of the Marketplace. There are many ways to contact us but the easiest is to email us at

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