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Oh how we love to hear from you. Let us count the ways…

Our goal is to make Apartment Therapy Marketplace the best, most personal experience possible by making ourselves surprisingly available to answer questions, resolve issues and help you get the most out of the Marketplace. Below you will find all the ways you can contact us. Email us at for the speediest response from our real live human team.

We’re also freely available on many social networks. Join us Facebook, Twitter and get inspired on Pinterest, share photos on Instagram. Explore the Apartment Therapy blog for house tours, style guides, DIY tips and more.

Getting Help

If you need answers quickly, our Marketplace Support site is the best resource to start with. It is a fully search-able, compiled list of our most asked questions and answers created by the Marketplace team. Check out our Marketplace FAQs or step-by-step guides to buying or selling. If you can’t find what you need here, see how to contact Customer Support directly.

Personal Assistance

We’re not just a website, we’re a team! If you’re a seller, we can give you tips and help promote you. If you’re a buyer, we can be your personal shopper. Contact us at and we’ll lend a helping hand.

Suggestions and Feedback

We’re continually working on Apartment Therapy Marketplace in order to make it safer, faster and better. Share your feedback, suggestions and feature requests! Contact us at and we will carefully consider them one by one.

Local Businesses and Markets

If you have a local business or you organize local markets and events, get in touch. We have special features that will promote your business, market or event in a big way. Best of all, it’s free! Contact us at and let’s get planning!

Copyright Infringement

For all matters concerning copyright and intellectual property, please refer to our copyright policy. This policy outlines the information required for reporting an infringement, supplying a counter notice and removal of allegedly infringing material.

Law Enforcement

Apartment Therapy Marketplace will not disclose private user information without a valid subpoena, court order, or other valid legal process. Law enforcement personnel seeking to request information about users are requested to follow our law enforcement policy.

Press and Partnerships

For all press inquires, email us at Make sure to include the name of your organization, request type (e.g. interview, logo request, etc.), type of use (e.g. tech, lifestyle, etc.), location and deadline.

For all partnership opportunities, please email us at

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